I want to confess a personal truth of mine & maybe you can relate… I had more than one “bad day” in my past; days that I was grumpy, days I was plain pissy with the world, life…

“Something” would go wrong, awry, off track, not as planned & I let it derail me.. I would let a bad moment, a conversation, turn into a bad day, sometimes bad day’s.. Yes, that was many many many years back so far in fact I look & reflect, wow was that ever me?

My Uncle Bert was visting from out of town, even with the bustle of kids and family around, we had found ourselves a quiet moment to catch up… I must of been was upset, “having a bad day”, mulish about something & he spoke to me, his massive hand on my shoulder as I shared my frustrations, woes & complaints about “life & it’s unfairness”.

He said.. “Roxanne, You have more control that you will ever know in this world & in your life, right now you might not want to hear this nor welcome it.”

Uncle Bert’s words that I share with you as he shared with me… “When you are feeling your worst, maddest, frustrated, want to lash out to others, ‘having a bad day’, look to point fingers, look to blame, look to excuses.”

“Look inside yourself… Dig deep, be honest, & you’re not going to find this easy. You won’t want to. You might not like it, in fact you probably won’t like it at all.”

“.. but do it any way ..”

“When you’re ‘upset’ … Ask yourself. What are you not doing that you know you really should be doing?, or should have done? Then go DO That Roxanne.”

It has taken me years to build upon this, get better at this. It is worth the struggle to “do this” when you find yourself in “that place”

The quote below is from Louise Hay, & when I read it, I always think of my Uncle Bert. I am soo thankful as he risked much being so bluntly honest, & I will never forget him because of it..





I encourage you, whenever we feel “that way”, having a bad day..

Give your thinking a slight shift, immediately go into Action Mode & Get It Dun!!  Can’t do it or fix it this time? Release it, & choose to do better next time!


I share with you as he shared with me… Know this:

YOU have survived every single Tuff Day you have ever had.

YOU have survived every single Hard Day you have ever had.

YOU Are Doing Great!

If you saw the SIZE of the blessing coming your way, you would understand WHY the struggle seems so hard and large..
Do more
Fight harder
Raise others

The magnitude of your blessing is larger then the size of your struggle..
Get up
Push on
Don’t stop

I really had much fun with this blog, Of course if you did too, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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