Biz owners are just “A Buzz” when it comes to utilizing “Facebook Challenge & Events”! From getting more “eye balls” on you, what you have going on, team participation, culture creation, more sales, more sign-ups, just MORE Goodness, greater results in so many areas & ways!  Ultra Effective!

I am joyful to share some insights & tips, to increase your results, collaborations & connections too!  Get the Team Work that gets the Dream Work really rocking for you!

Why are “Facebook Challenge & Events” The HOT Thing? 

We as savvy entrepreneurial ladies know that Facebook, social media is always changing, its up to us to “be with the times” online right?  Facebook has always seen the value of connections,  so Facebook Groups are a most fabulous way to do just that!

Facebook Challenges & events that run in FB groups are important because they can increase our feeling of connection with other folks that are on the same vibe or tribe. Those that “get you” possessing the same interests or passions; along with deepening the sense of community, of sisterhood. Being connected with people that align with your beliefs and values. Of course growing relatability, trust, friendships that lead to more sales, more sign-ups.

Last of all, they’re great for increasing focusing on the right biz activates, empowerment, courage, and creating a bridge of courage for other people that might be feeling distracted, overwhelmed or fearful… FB Challenges & events can help those who have been on the sidelines, people that have been watching from the bleachers can get an invitation to step back into the game so to speak in their businesses!

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Honestly, a Facebook Challenge or Event can be almost any subject under the sun.


Of personal passions or interests, hobbies from gardening, painting or knitting .. of course ANYTHING you can connect to your business building activities such as a Branding Challenge, Live Video Challenge, Profile Make Over, Or Biz Page Re Model, Copy & Headline Basics 101, I could go on and on!

Then there is the thinking of your scope of products using self care & wellness for examples here; a “Step It Up” walking challenge, Morning Smoothies 101, 5 Day Crunchy Mummie Event, Intermittent Fasting Basics, Planks, Water Challenge, Squats, the ideas are as endless as our imagination of HOW can we connect, help & serve!!


What I really love about Facebook Challenge & Events is that it provides your audience & FB Friends an opportunity to get involved in something that they’re interested in, but don’t want a deep commitment, a decision to buy, or join YET.


It’s a fabulous, inclusive, stress free way that your prospect can get to know your deeper circle of community (Upline, Side-Sisters) without committing to joining your business, or buying your products, or signing up for your service. It is also of course powerful as it can really amp up your downlines results too! It’s a fun, friendly, deeper way that they can get to know, like, trust & relate with you (& expose themselves to your culture). We know most people need multiple exposures before they actually dive in right?! This is a fabulous way to include more people!

Tips’N Solutions to that “Sunny Side of Life” …

Tip #1:  Don’t overcomplicate it. Pick one deeply beneficial topic for your challenge. Simple is best, it’s very important not to overcomplicate or overwhelm your participants. Most women still have a full time or part time job, so keep it simple! One topic at a time for one benefit at a time. 

Tip #2:  You don’t need to have thousands of people participating to make it work. Sometimes very small, exclusive & inclusive challenges can be MOST effective!

Tip #3:  Be prepared.  The images, the posts, the collaboration?  Share the load, share the love, share the “spotlight”. There are so many ways to have more fun, less stress by reaching out to your side sisters, your downline that have amazing talents, skills & strengths that you might not posess. So don’t hesitate to ask for help, delegate to other women (or men) within your tribe & team. It empowers them, teaches them, destresses yourself, allows more people to win.  Especially when we remember, there are different learning styles, different personality variences in your invited guests to the FB Challenge / Event. So by including a larger scope of people presenting & sharing allows them to learn differently, connect in ways that just “one” person could or would. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be “Superwoman” & this is one of them. 

Tip #4: When it comes to advertising & promoting we can use Facebook stories, which are very powerful, you can also use your favorite Facebook groups, definitely check with the admins first before promo’ing. In the Facebook groups that you are very well known & recognized you definitely want to be announcing that there’s something special coming up The verbiage is also important, that you are using the right words, creating curiousity, intriguing people to participate or at least reach out to you for more details. “Imagine how it would feel if you were able to grow your email list by a thousand people?” Tie in the emotional words & the energy that would make a woman imagine the goodness that their participation is going to give them at the end of that Facebook Challenge. 

Tip #5: Make sure that you have assignments prepared, the daily “how to” actions & activities. This is where you can delegate to your teammates that you are collaborating with. Makes sure each one has their assignments and they are set up, knowing what to do on what day & teim.  This way you are set up for success. By having simple doable achievable assignments prepared, it shows your audience that you have got this well thought out, well organized; if they decide to take that leap they know that they’re going to be well taken care of!  When they join your team or buy our products, they will get the support, guidance maybe some of the tuff love they desire.  Make sure that you & your team are very active in that group and at least 2 or 3 times a day, keep it highly engaging, high energy, exciting!

Tip #6: Every chance you get give “Shout Outs”.  Have your collaborators & team do the same!, “Omg, so happy day 2 of this challenge”, “My girl Tina has already got 16 engagements creating effective story posts!” “Can you imagine that feeling?” Give shout outs, congratulations & high fives to every man, woman and child that you possibly can. The reason is.. it can stimulate that Fear of Missing Out of folks that shrugged your challenge or event off.  THEY won’t want to miss the next one!  Create hunger for your “next challenge”. Create those conversations! 

Tip #7: After being publicly excited & encouraging your team to do the same, on the last day bring out the Big Guns! If you have an amazing person in your upline, another coach or mentor that has high credibility, influence or visibility, and they’ve gone through your program before, have them do one of the final presentations of the day.  Wrap up would be the Finale .. the Question & Answer Session, last prizes, give a ways & raffles!  

Inviting that “Big Gun” to your last day can add extra influence because this is a person sharing their story, they’ve gone through this process with you whether using your product, or being part of your business, affirming your tips you been sharing all week.  It’s really important that you are thinking of this from a larger perspective that creates a big finale, the fireworks! “If you hang around till the end you’ll get the biggest excitement.”

Tips #8: At the end of the Facebook challenge you can come around in the conversation & bridge people if they’re ready for the next step, so you can introduce them to products, invite them to work deeper with you, in your business or in your coaching’s. Wrap it up with a gentle call to action, they want to know what the next step is, you can breeze them into it… “Are you ready for the next step? 

By hosting Facebook challenges & using them,  it makes the closing a lot gentler because they’ve been exposed in this timeline that they wanted to participate in, & if they say “not now” that’s ok! You can invite them to the next event, or the next challenge! 


I really had much fun with this blog, Of course if you did too, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend in need!


Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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