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Can you imagine your team growing by leaps & bounds? Exponentially, every team member surpassing goals, helping more people, winning big by using this little thing we call “Host a Post”!

People for years have been talking about taprooting, about digging in and tapping into our friends and family. BUT … Are YOU doing this online within social media, especially Facebook? My team is using this one simple “host a post” strategy, that is so easily duplicatable!  It’s helping them grow a bigger, brighter and better business really fast!

The very first idea that we have to remember is that we are only ONE person, that is why Host a Post works!

That’s why tap-rooting, leveraging our friends and family works! With Facebook so powerful, even MORE so, as there are no more boundaries, no more borders! Facebook makes it so easy for us to do business!

I want to share some tips, tricks & solutions to get to the “Sunny Side of Life” sooner! Catch my deeper insights in my video share;





Tip’s N Solutions to #TheSunnySideofLife ; 


***** We have to remember to come to the table aka social media with a servant heart.

There’s nothing else more powerful than us showing up being our own quirky beautiful people that we are; but we have to show up always thinking first about our friends and family, online or off. Our servant heart has to shine and they have to know it! They have to feel it, that what you are proposing to them is to help them get what they want.

The more people that we can help, the more we are going to receive what we want. We’re no longer that Salesy Sally, or that Spammy Tammy, that is not us anymore, especially within my team of Social Retailers and that’s why we’re rocking the socks out of this “Host a Post” strategy. 


***** You’re going to need a tracking method for this.

As professional network marketers, we cannot drop the ball!  We have to be organized so we can do our follow up strategies, our recognition, rewards and appreciation opportunities to your online friends and family. “Host a Post”  is something that I aim to do several times a week, that way I’m not overwhelmed (because honestly, just like you, we all have a lot of other life and biz stuff going on!) Keeping track of your own “Host a Post”s along with supporting your team members that are doing this, reaching out to your “ghost mode” team who have been silent awhile, ensuring all your new members have this on the notes of their learning curve to help them get success faster is also important. We want to be teaching this to our team and we want everyone to be doing this strategy because it works so well. 

You’re going to have to take notes and be very attentive to who you’ve had to do this so you can go back and follow up all the time. This is something you can do with your current customers, (even older customers that haven’t ordered in awhile) they can grow their own customers (& shopping credits) without even being part of the business. They just do what humans do naturally which is talk about products they love and things that have worked for them. This is what’s in it for them! Your non-customers can also do it!


***** We have to be mentally prepared to put in the time, and the strategies to this next level.

This may possibly be beyond your current strategy, it may take some time to get effective. It’s a learning curve, something we aim to do at least twice a week because it’s so powerful. What we’re looking to remember, knowing that we’re only “one person”, so if we can leverage our social circles on Facebook then we can grow our business way faster than we can if we were just on one on one conversations right? We can only make so many new friends on Facebook. Honestly, how many meaningful conversations can you have every day?… Connecting with and doing a “Host a Post” with right friend may get you dozens of conversations that will lead to sales conversions, even new team members, be prepared as we are often surprized that they will just blow up your newsfeed!  Exciting indeed for my team when this happens, I LOVE to be there to help them! 


***** What we’re looking to do is to identify “your friends who will participate”. 

Put your thinking cap on & list out your friends that might be interested in what you market but they just don’t have the right budget right now, interested in the biz side, but no funds, or about your girls that have no interest in what you do but they love you, and if you ask them to do something, if it’s not too painful, they’re going to do it! So this is what I ask them to do, ask them to do a Host a Post. We want them to post on their page a curiosity post, being classy, creating some intrigue.  We cannot be, nor do we want to be salesy or spammy. That stuff just isn’t effective anymore on FB. We use the right words, imagery, verbiage to create some curiosity in their page. To create a post that gets conversations & eyeballs on it! 


Lets Roll Out an Example for You to Follow Along With… 

For example, Jane reached out to me and she was asking about my “Brownie Batter Belly Flat Blaster”, which tightens & tones our skin, & shrinks our stubborn fat cells in areas “most woman” complain about.  (For me, my butt, lower pooch belly and upper thighs). 

So my girl Jane wanted my “fat melter” stuff but she couldn’t afford it, so I’ll tell her “You know what Jane? I can help you out!  If I write you a really classy fun post, that you are excited to “try this”, and I’ll give you a picture with this post.  Of course if you like, you can edit it, make it your own, and when anyone comments or asks a question in that post I will answer ALL of the inquiries.

You get all of the free shopping credits from any customers, so when you are ready to order what you want to order you’re going to get a massive discount, if not for free! And I’ll do all the work!”

I have very few people ever “say no” to that above Host a Post idea because they know that I’m in it for them.

It’s something you do to help them leverage into a better buying position, you do all the work and most of them will be very happy to do that! 


***** Non MLM’er Friends Host a Post Hints.

We all have friends, family, those people that have nothing to do with direct marketing /  MLM right?  So what might happen is that when you tap into your Alpha friends (the bossy ones, the ones that have amazing circles of credibility, huge social influence) to do a post on their page it that they can get kind of squeamish. Because we’re playing the friend card, we’re asking them for a favor, a kindness on their FB page, so if you are playing this card I would recommend that you let them know how much this will help you & how appreciative, thankful you will be.  “Next time, lunch is on me and I’m buying the greatest bottle of wine in the house!” You definitely want to reward your Alpha friends, it is SO very powerful. 


***** Last But Not Least Tips.. 

A lot of women struggle with customer sales, the tools & methods they’re using are not effective any more, nor duplicating, they’re not working because it’s the “same old same old of what was ages ago”. Especially with Host a Post, it has to be different, each post has to be thoughtfully crafted and written in a way that is going to connect with that persons audience using their verbiage, their image.  Not common images from Google, you’re going to use a picture that they have taken of themselves. Your friends want to see pictures of you, they don’t want to see endless pictures of products or other peoples “before & afters”. 

Another idea is; when you’re chatting with your customers and they have this amazing successful post, with oodles of engagement, that is a time were you should keep and eye for your future stars! Conversations of “Look how many customer credits you just received”.  “Have you ever considered the business side of this?”  “Where you won’t just get customer credits, but you can also earn an amazing income stream, and I’ll keep on helping you do this”.


Every time that we’re putting ourselves into this strategizing plan we can really build our business and customer growth exponentially. When you do the Host a Post, tapping into your alpha friends & online circles, all the better! The more influence and credibility they have, even better! This is absolutely powerful and one of the reasons why we are the largest growing team in North America. This is absolutely blowing our mind and it’s booming!  Our job is to be the woman who is teaching, supporting and nurturing in every change and every conversation. Always think about it from the customer side, from your friend’s side. Who can I help and how can I help? What do they want?

Of course.. reach out, let’s chat if you desire some “how to verbiage and social media steps” for your friends to do prior to the Host a Post so you can get the biggest results in this biz building activity!  I created a simple word document for you & happy to share!


I really had much fun with this blog,  Of course if you did, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

P.S. I often get asked; Roxanne when you are not being a “Cheerleader” in all women’s lives, sharing sparks of joy and insights; what else do you have going on? Well … I have a blooming business within Social Retail, Don’t know what Social Retail and the power of Social Marketing is? My Sunny Side of Life details can be best explained here;

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