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I recall being told as a teenager, “nice girls” finish last. Roxanne, You’re too soft, gentle souled, you’re not suited…”  Fast forward in time, I have to say, YES, “You can be a Compassionate Networking Woman, & WIN!  I was recently sharing this to a bunch of tender hearted & spirited ladies on my network marketing Social Retail team “Tips for the Soft Soul”, & thought, I should share this to you too!

The thing is, a lot of networking events, groups & even forums (including fb groups) can sometimes come across as uncomfortable, awkward or abnormal. People usually go to these events, pop into fb groups for a lot of reasons; to connect, help others, reciprocate, to do business, to see who might be interested in what they’re doing, who might be interested in connecting & collaborating.

We have to remember that we can sometimes seem “one minded”.

Often ladies are going to an event / meetings / fb group thinking “What’s in it for me?” A “Me” mindset, rather than a “WE” place of thinking.

So you’re all excited & going there with this agenda of purpose & mindset of intent but you leave the event / meeting / fb group feeling hollow, a waste of time, feeling that it’s just not working, something is missing…

I want to start reminding you that we are ALL connected.

Catch my deeper insights in the video below ..




Tip’s N Solutions to #TheSunnySideofLife 


***** Upon conversing on a team coaching call…

it was discovered for many ladies, the big stumbling stone was they “felt” they were not meeting the right people to build their business & clientele. I believe part of the reason was they were not coming into the event / meeting or fb group with an open heart, helpful servant heart, with intention of “compassionate networking”. Some of the ladies weren’t coming to the table with the intent of just making friends within meet & greets, or fb groups, or belly to belly networking events.

Two amazing impactful sentences that help me “get my head” on straight, shifting me from a ME place of thinking, to a WE mindset, that still has us WINNING even though we are that soft soul, that compassionate networking woman, is:

~  ‘How can I help today?’ & ‘Who can I help today?’

When I begin my day that way it allows me to enter all my networking, conversations & connections, with a servant heart. A very compassionate, seeking to understand, to connect, leaving the chase of the cash or squeaking a sale out of it.  Just focus on building “what’s in it for THEM”, not for me. Seeking to understand via their story, struggle, a desire, need, a success or frustration that leads to “banging their head on the keyboard” & remembering that it is the small stuff that matters the most.


***** The little personal nuances that we convey can mean so much to a friend…


Remembering that everyone ultimately has many of the same end goals, hopes, dreams, wishes in life. We want to be happy, to do something that matters, has meaning & possesses purpose. Have a great sisterhood / circle of friends, we want to be valued, appreciated, treasured & loved. We want to connect with people with the same interests, passions & heart. We want the world to be a better & happier place than when we found it. Right? 


***** We have to show up, connect, communicate being that compassionate networking woman, that allows “us to be us”!

Our real, raw, crazy, quirky, authentic, selves. (Check this blog out when it comes to “Embracing Your Inner Crazy“) When we’re that way we can have a genuine interest & understanding with that new “friend”.  We can seek to understand, build a bridge of connection of something that can be mutually beneficial to us both. It’s not one ended or one sided. We’re all connected. If we’re thinking that the small stuff matters, then we can create real quality conversations.  The deeper meaningful compassionate networking. It’s always quality over quantity. When you go to a belly to belly networking event & folks are just tossing business cards left, right and center, like confetti, and you pray they will stick & stay … We have to remember, it’s the conversations & those connections of the heart, the mind, the spirit & the soul that are going to go way beyond a person’s stack of biz cards in a forgotten drawer!


****** We have to reconnect with our old established relationships…

& keep those connections ignited, feeling that warmth, comradeship, togetherness, not just “make new friendships & connections / conversations” everyday. We have to be attentive, keep connecting, re connecting! You just never know what’s happening in that friend’s life. We’re going to be serving. We’re serving people & we’re serving from the heart first. Remembering what’s in it for them without that “join my biz, buy my stuff” sales expectation. Truly be caring & compassionate about where that person is right now, what’s going on in her world.

There’s so many people reaching out to me regarding my Social Retail biz, but it’s just not the right time for them. I’m not going to forget them or give up on them!  I’m going to keep saying hi to them, connecting on their pages, groups, chats, “How’s it going in your neck of the woods?” But I’m never going to say “Hey ready to join this week?” That isn’t helpful, nor serving anybody… it’s all about timing. So when it comes to being a compassionate networker it’s always about what’s in it for THEM.


***** Remember you have to be looking for those super networkers… 

Keep your eyes open for those super connectors, amazing influencers! Everyone has that friend that knows everybody! We want to connect with that person, we want to make best buddies with that person!  Ask them “How can I help you?”  “What can I do to send traffic to your website?”  “What can I do to help you?” They’re going to remember that, & the biggest thing about networking is reciprication! If you are high touch, filled with good intentions, the right servant heart, not on the back of your mind thinking “what’s in it for me”, you go with a caring heart, they’re going to feel it. They’re going to feel it in your messages, in your voice clips and they’re going to think: “Hey! I remember that Roxanne woman, she’s in that Social Retail network marketing biz & my best friend is looking for a secondary income stream, to maybe quit her second job, to spend more time at home. Wasn’t that what Roxanne was talking about?”…

She’s going to remember you!

Sometimes we are the end destination & sometimes we’re the bridge. That’s what Comassionate Networking, social media is about. Connecting. Being compassionate, considerate & caring!  Coming in with a servent heart not seeking the hard fast sell. Seeking a connection without the cash. That’s what a being a compassionate networker is all about. Have genuine interest. Seek to understand the situation so you can seek to serve! And keep in touch!  And you know what? When I made this mental shift of asking those two quesitons every morning (‘How can I help today?’ & ‘Who can I help today?’) My business went BOOM. My business exploded when I just went into a conversation, a re conneciton to simply care. To give a damn & to pour love into people. Sunshine & blessings started coming into my life & my business! 


I love proving that Good Girls can finish First, that soft souls can WIN in this amazing profession!  That Compassionate Networking is a great way to build an amazing, meaningful business! I love helping the underdog come out on top shifting them from a place of struggle to sunshine!


I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed it! Of course if you did, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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