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Ever come across something that gives you that deja vu feeling? What was old is new again, from old school to new cool? Well “Sharing Insider Secrets of 3 Way Chats” is JUST like that!

Gone with the wind are hotel meetings, & structuring 3 way calls … Time to get with the times online Sister;  3 Way Chats are HOT & Ultra effective in “building a bigger, better brighter biz”!

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that we do daily that can have the biggest impact in our Network Marketing Biz. So simple, so duplicatable, leveraging, flexible, time saver instead of a time suck!

I recently had a conversation with a wonderful woman asking about “what I do” within Social Retail, compared to other “Mom & Pop MLM”s” out there and she had never heard of 3 Way Chats! I have been utilizing this hack now for over two years, training my team to do the same because it works, happy to share this biz tip forward!

I discovered that not everyone is using this sweet team building hack; 3 Way Chats!  Catch the deeper insights in my video share & keep reading!



For some of you that have been following my blog for awhile, you know that this is what I Love To Do! Being a Cheerleader towards your success, I love to show up into your world, sharing ideas, inspiration, hacks & motivations!

It used to be old school to do 3 way calls, BUT no one has time to try to coordinate 3 way calls these days!  Three different people’s time and schedules are almost impossible to match in this era of crazy busy women. With the shift of “doing more online” in network marketing it just made sense to me.  “More Online” was THEE major reason I said YES to Social Retail to build a Network Marketing biz with because it didn’t have the parties, the stock in boxes in my garage & shelves, no more pack up the jeep to vendor events, markets or mailing samples, no more hotel sip & shares, coffee & chats, no more 3 way calls,


My team is just ROCKING this ultra effective & time efficient biz building hack! You can use this strategy for team building & your products!  SWEET!! If your company isn’t yet doing & teaching 3 Way Chats, happy to share the how’s and why’s so YOU can have more success and sunshine. 

As professional network marketers, maybe you’ve been in your company for a couple of years, had pockets of success, or perhaps in a time of frustration, or maybe you are brand new to our industry, you’ve never seen this business model, it’s so different from everything else you have done before.

What’s your number one tip...

when it comes to feeling better & productivity in your life?

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Tip #1 … We Want Our Team in ACTION Mode. 

We want to reduce fear, distractions, hesitation, uncertainty of what to do, what to say. We want them to have FUN, be productive, with less stress and more bless! We want them to get empowered, excited;  3 Way Chats helps them get out of their own way! 

You & I don’t want our new folks spending endless hours and days digging in files, videos, units, getting overwhelmed with information delaying the launch their business. Encouraging them to have less stress by leveraging leadership, their upline, have them LAUNCH their biz, get them entering into conversations with their potential new prospects/ customers . Because they may feel they don’t know what to say, don’t know what to do, so allow your leadership to step in & do their job!


Tip #2 … Allow Your Upline / Sponsor To Do Their Job.  

We are a business tool. Most companies say use your tools! Share the video! Or put them in this Facebook group, send them this YouTube link. The thing is, even that can be confusing because they’re not sure what to share, what the next step is. Utilizing 3 Way Chats is a great shortcut to what their prospect wants & needs! 

Tip #3 … 3 Way Chats Increase Everyones Learning Curve.

Your new teammate when they are part of a 3 way chat, they are hearing, experiencing, feeling what their mentors / leadership are saying, it allows them to soak up the information faster! They are seeing it happen in real time! Not just a video, document or the company’s back office resources, they are learning in Real Time! This is the best way for information absorption. So then they can replicate that very quickly and it’s duplicatable. The verbiage, the nuances of the conversations, so powerful! 


Tip #4 … One Person “Know All, Be All, Do All” Is Not Duplicatable.

3 way chats are highly duplicatable, effecient and very effective because we’re all crazy busy!  Team work makes the dream work is 100% true!  The fastest way to burn out, frustration is to think we need to do it all. 3 Way Chats help share the work load!  For example, my new team mate is busy at work, or chasing kids, making supper on the Florida east coast and I’m over here in Alberta mountain time zone, I can chat, she can make supper!  Or a gal in the UK has a pocket of time after lunch as I am sipping my morning coffee.  We can fit and flex into a conversation, very powerful because we all have different things on the go, but always can take a moment of time to answer questions, share insights on the fly! 

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Tip #5 … Friends Respect Authorities aka Third Parties Over YOU!

3 Way Chats work very well when your new lady is introducing her friends into the business opportunity; her friends might be curious, want to ask questions but might not respect her enough to “actually listen” … Call us crazy but we know as soon as friends find out what company you’re in or what product you are selling they are going to google it! They are going to believe some person’s review, someone who perhaps used the product inappropriately & left a negative review. Your new teammates friend might be curious enough to ask, but might not respect her insights, ideas, points of view, but a THIRD party … If she brings YOU, her mentor, coach,, upline into a 3 Way Chat, it ads posture, influence and credibility instantly! That prospect is probably talking to you and scrolling YOUR timeline. Even I use 3 Way Chats, my new prospect needs to know the power of this strategy. PLUS it’s a fabulous way for them to connect with my upline creating a stronger sisterhood, culture and community! 

Tip #6 … Personalities & Learning Styles, Mix & Match to WIN! 

I want my team (and you) to understand the power of 3 Way Chats, you just have to plug people into this beautiful trifecta for greater prospecting success! Tip #6 is to think deeper .. Who is this woman (prospect)?  That is your next step, discovering more about who this woman is.  Look for connecting points of passions, interests, understanding the personality style of each prospect! Are they green, red, blue, yellow? Are they a visual learner, a reader, audio? Do they want a team of their own? Is culture ultra important? Community, sisterhood? Do they crave recognition, that “ata girl”? WHY dig into this? 

When you know these things about your prospect,  YOU can bring the right person in that is going to be able to make them feel through conversations, connections those AHA feelings, those ME TOO feelings. Even if they don’t connect 100% with you, they very well can connect with someone else of your upline / mentors. 3 Way Chats can be the bridge, that connector for their questions, concerns to be answered. 

Tip #7 … Less Stress, More Bless & Success! 

It all just works so beautifully! You’re not in a big hurry or super stressful situation. You are trying to get women the right information, pulling the right questions from them so you can answer to serve THEM. You take the dollar sign off of their forehead and search, seek to serve and not sell.

Understand that if women think that they have to do it all, be it all and know it all in this industry, it can be downright scary, especially if this is their second or third time around in network marketing, it can be a turnoff, push them away. Anybody can invite a friend into 3 Way Chats to help answer questions!  It shares the workload among many, eases the time burden, we can all grow faster, learn faster because we’re part of more 3 Way Chats. It gets your new girls and keeps yourself Action Mode. It helps leadership keep in the game, on “ground level”, exciting us as much as it does our newest team members as we “do it together” every day!  It takes your new person out of explaining mode and the pressure off of them.


Tip #8 … “How To” Get a 3 Way Chat Going – Scrip Idea

To introduce someone into a 3 Way Chat after your new girl has exposed her friend to the biz idea or product, she could say something like this…

“Oh my gosh ___(name)___ , my kids just got off the school bus, but please meet Roxanne, she is part of my leadership team,  she’ll help answer that question you had ____ (about) ____  & any other questions you might have.   As soon as I get my kids a snack & started on homework, I’ll come right back.”

*** Your new team mate can talk about/ use the situation of her husband getting home work, walking her dog, starting supper, company is coming over, … basically anything to introduce and allow your mentor / upline do their job. Which helps your new team mate, so they can focus on creating more conversations and making more good work for you, their upline and we then help present the information, field questions, even being part of the follow up and the close. AND duplicate this process again! 

I think that is a HUGE reason of why our team is just blowing this Social Retail biz it out of the water! We have so many hands-on women that want your success! We love to teach, show ladies hacks and tips of building a Network Marketing Biz just like this one daily!

I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed it! Of course if you did, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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