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Breath, I got your back Sister, with “4 Closing Conversation Tips WITHOUT Being Naggy or Pushy“!  Because it can be down right Frustrating!  I mean, what do you say to your prospect when you’ve already reached out to them 2 or 3 times?  They said “They were going to order”, but they haven’t…  Your fingers are tapping on the keyboard & phone, we know “month end” close is happening…

This is my favorite tip to share to my team so they can re-stimulate more conversations,  more sales in a “more bless, less stress”, non-salesy, non nagging, non spammy way! I know you will really enjoy this!


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The very first tip is remembering whenever you are in a closing conversation, your mind & your heart have to be in it for THEM, not you.


When you come to the follow up & closing conversation: It has to be with that “servant heart”!

I remember bits of “my past”; I admit I was doing a lot of business practices that were totally against my vibe. I was being told what I should do by my upline, but it didn’t feel like ME. It felt weird, made me feel very uncomfortable, squeemish inside & reminded me of that “salesy car sales man” or “that girl at the mall the pounces on you as you walk by”  that you hear others talking about. It doesn’t feel good on the inside & that’s definitely NOT how I wanted “to do business”.

Fast forward 4 years, I’m all about stress free, ultra casual, super cool, but STILL… We Are In Business, & it’s our job; to create conversations, develope relationships, sift & sort, have follow ups, make sales, sign ups, have people come into your business. People do it ALL the time, but we have to do it in a good way that serves our friends & family. Whether you’re talking about Facebook friends, other social media platforms, or belly to belly friends within your community.

While it’s ALL About Being Social, we have to realize that someone through Facebook this is someone REAL. That person you’re talking to has a heart, hopes, & dreams, is crazy busy, works a job, chases kids, and so you have to treat & talk to them just as if you were talking to a family member. 

This is your “Pre Work” before we jump into the “4 Closing Conversation Tip’s Without Being Naggy or Pushy!”

First: Go to their profile & reconnect… It’s kind of like knocking on their door. Facebook walls are like doors of the house & messenger is like being invited into their house, saying hello, sitting down and having a cup of coffee. Be a good human being and treating people like other human beings. So go to that person’s profile, (who said they were going to order), like/love/wow/haha & comment on several of their posts, at least one or two. A comment to be counted by Facebook to be socially interactive last data checked to be more than 4 words & should include an emoji. (Facebook likes it when we use it’s toys & emojis are part of their toolbox toys!) 

Secondly: Pop into some of their Facebook stories.. comment, love onto them!

Thirdly: When you head back into their messenger chat, what I usually do is to drop a heart, dancing girl or a sunshine.  (to me that is my benchmark of a fresh new start of a conversation) . I’ve come back, knocked on their door, “said hello”…  Re-Starting a conversation that has the least amount of friction,  the least amount of resistance, is where people are feeling most comfortable to reply. Most people are most comfortable when you are being kind,  trying to be helpful, sometimes even apologetic. Come to the conversation in a way that will encourage, let the other person have the freedom, feeling de-stressed, perhaps even guilt to reply to you.


“The Link Glitch” Tip… Link Glitches Do Happen, so if you’re coming back to a conversation and that person “still hasn’t ordered”, the “link glitch” tip is a great way to re-stimulate your closing conversation!

The reason why this works so very well is because it really does happen. Honestly, & it’s more common that what we think! 

Firstly: What you can do is go back to the conversation & say (something like) “Hey, how is your son Chase, is he over that flu bug? I hope he is feeling better soon! Oh, & also wanted to find out from you Jennifer, did you try that link I sent you yet? Because we’ve had a couple server updates, the I.T. department had to work on a few things because that stuff is selling like hot cakes & it crashed the net! So try that link again 🙂 Would you let me know when you try that? Because I need to know if you need a fresh link”. 

You can come with that apologetic heart, because those Link Glitch things do happen. You’re just trying to understand what’s happened in her decision. Is it distraction, is it fear, is it forgetfulness, or?? “The Link Glitch, it’s just a stress free way to re-bridge the conversation & keep the flow of communication happening. Often people just get busy, or maybe they were sick, or their dog was sick ect. Sometimes people just need that gentle nudge.


Some women are “Non Techy – Non Tech Savvy”, just plain “Crazy Busy” Closing Conversation Tip!

Even though I know my website is one of the simplest online customer purchasing web site portals; we know that there are some non techy/crazy busy people out there, right?  If they have said, “I’m going to order right now” or “I’m going to order when I get home from work”.  A specific timeline has been stated on their part. So I come to into messenger and say something like “Hey Jennifer! I just wasn’t sure, were you having any trouble with the website?”

(I get a notification immediately when someone registers their shopping site & whether they shopped or not. So if someone hasn’t been able to keep their word, I know what I can do next without being naggy or pushy … )

I pop into messenger, (after being “social”) So I say something like;  “Hey there Jennifer, I’m about to pop onto my shopping site for my girlfriend Stef, she’s not very savvy, I’m going to be helping her & do that on her behalf.  I’m curious, would you like me to help you order your stuff before the sale ends at the end of the month? Because I know there’s 15 dollars worth of savings on that ____(product)____ you wanted”.  So I’m offering to help her do that before the sale ends. More often that not, they will go like “Yeah!, That would be absolutely fabulous, (the kids are driving me nutts, or I still need to walk the dog, or my hubby just woke up from his night shift nap ect), let me get my information for you!”

They are full of gratitude, and you have helped serve them!  People love that! It’s that high touch that they’re looking for, especially if they’re crazy busy, so help them!


The “I Remember” Follow Up Tip!

Hey.. we drop the ball too right? It’s not just other folks, life happens to us all .. So the “I Remembered” closing conversation tip is super doable!

“Hey there Jennifer,  I remember that you asked me for some information about this, (raised your hand on my story post ect) around 10 days ago & I know life has been absolutely crazy busy, but the testimonials about  _____(product)____  are flooding in!  You would not believe some of the results, success stories, before & afters ect! This NEW Testimonial just came across my desk.”

At that point, you can pop that image/testimonial story into messenger. It’s So Powerful. YOU were remembering because SHE had said that she was interested in “something” & now the testimonies, success stories are flooding in our Facebook Groups. If they are perhaps like you or me, I know I don’t spend a lot of time on my Facebook groups, I’m there for a purpose, I’m in and out with focus. “Jennifer” may have missed it in the group, so bring it to her in messenger, it’s more personal. Keep the conversation going! 


Love Love LOVE our Facebook Groups.  Myself & my team use Facebook Groups a huge amount because it helps do that “Drip Marketing for us, NEVER naggy or pushy! 

It connect us with other people with the same interests, seeking similar results, other people’s success stories. The thing is with Facebook & it’s new rules “that people have to accept your invitation”. So when you go to invite people to your Facebook group when it comes to your closing conversation, they have to actually accept, & after 30 days the invitation expires. So often, when I say “Hey there Jennifer, would you like an invitation for our secret community? There’s a whole bunch of information, some very special stories in there.  I’m pretty sure “you’re a digger” & you want to see that kind of stuff, research & explore to your own hearts’ delight”.

More than likely Jennifer is going to say “Yes”! MEGA Tip: Make sure that you have the URL of that group on your cursor tip (copy), & after her YES, you pop it directly into messenger chat! , Then say something like, “Hey Jennifer, you know you have to accept the invitation with these new Facebook rules, you maybe didn’t catch the original invitation but here it is again!”  This way they can’t lose it in their notifications! I honestly have so many notifications I can BARELY keep up, & you’re probably the same! Therefore your girlfriend “Jennifer” is not going to have time to see it either before it scrolls off. 

So put the URL of your secret community in messenger, and invite them there, that way they can’t lose it. You can also screenshot what it looks like so when they get to it, they’re going to see the same banner & feel familiar!  And the thing is, when you’re apologetic like that, they are understanding, because they know & we know that Facebook can be crazy! And we’re just trying to be careful, proactive & kind.

This way they are more likely to come back and say “Hey I totally forgot to order! I meant to do it but forgot!”. There are so many ways that you can play this and still help THEM. This is what this is about. Creating more conversations, less resistance, more success for my team is super important. I am always looking for ways to insert more “US” into our marketing, conversations and connections! Being that kinded, helpful, goodhearted woman that we know we are ALL without being naggy or pushy!

I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed it! Of course if you did, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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