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You worked your hinny off, you just ROCKED out your Month End! Your team is blooming, the sun shines upon you! As you revel in the joys and bliss of an amazing month, we know we want that beautiful ripple to keep going and going and going.. Lets talk ” Keep That Momentum Rolling into a New Month “.

I’m super stoked, looking forward to sharing with you some of my teams best tips, tricks and solutions to keep this amazing momentum flowing! The question I get often when a new girl of mine hits a new rank, crushes a new goal “How do I keep it going?!”

“People Who Succeed Possess Momentum”.

The thing is, the more we succeed the more we want to succeed, & the more ways we’re going to find to succeed.”

We know what IS in motion STAYS in motion.

This is all about being able to enjoy momentum that we’ve created, empowering, encouraging our team, & pushing, stretching hard and gloriously toward our month end! Just enjoying this amazing ride that we call Network Marketing.

Momentum is energy!

Being excited, enthusiastic, being able to amplify that energy, helping women get some traction within their beloved businesses… This gets us FIRED UP! And that creates its own energy, its own momentum, this wave and ripple of goodness that exudes from us on our Social Media posts,  pages, our connections & our conversations

Thinking deeply; we know everything that we’ve been doing today is setting ourselves up for success for tomorrow. We’re all inspired and excited so now it’s about keeping our momentum. What we did in our yesterday’s prepares us for our todays! Catch my deeper insights in the video below & of course keep reading below!



1.Strategize What Your Daily Activity / Base Plan Is Going To Be.

We want to try to keep the momentum, that sweet excitement and enthusiasm… How? Recognizing that some of the activities you’re doing “right now” are going to change! The main thing is to create that base line of activity: How many conversations are you going to be having per day regarding your business? How many for prospecting? How many follow ups? How many new friendship connections are you going to make? Are you going to learn how to use facebook memories as a business tool to reconnect with old friends? How many conversations are you going to be having? How many times are you going to be reflecting of what’s effective, going well in your week?

We need to create that personal base plan & be ready to tweak it. Not for the people on your team but for YOU. We only have so much time in our day, so you have to decide and focus on what you have to do. A daily method of operation can almost make us fool proof when it comes to keeping the focus, energy and excitement! Knowing your goals, targets and measurables is crucial keeping to plan! Remembering if it’s starting to feel easy, that’s when you have to “Up Your Game”.


2. Plug In Your New Girls.

This is were we really get to help in every way possible for our girls to succeed and KEEP momentum going! When we show up in a conversation, a video or a post make sure that the energy says a big warm “Hi!” When you’re plugging your new girls in, ensure they are in the right groups, tagged in the right get started posts, they’ve had introductions to your upline, they have their get started game plan and welcome letter. Give them that small ramp up, joy and bliss empowering and exciting them! 

If you’re crazy busy, you might have dropped the ball accidentally, at the end of the week, triple check YOUR responsibilities.  All your new downline gals, reach out, say hello, and introduce yourself, take the time to book a short discovery call to support, nurture and know what they want, dream and desire in their biz! It’s imperative for them to know what to do first, what to do next, because a lot of the women are working one or two jobs, family and other passions! 


3. You Have to Nurture & Protect Them.

Super important to “get connected” and communicating with your new teammates. Now more than ever is when we are in conversation, making sure that we’re keeping the Negative Nancie’s and Drama filled Diane’s away from them.  Be that hope, that light, empower them! Keep those negative people away from them as much as possible. Protect their excitement! That comes by keeping them anticipative, supported, plugged in, happy doable tasks, keeping them updated on what is going on!


4. Launch Them.

To keep that momentum going, help them launch their businesses as soon as possible. So often I have women saying “we’ll talk about this next week”. Women that push off launching, procrastinate getting started, proclaiming that they’re in a business more often than not, they go into ghost mode. Catch this powerful How To tip by tip LAUNCH Clip for deeper insights! 


5. You Being There For Them.

Pick the strategy; a live video, a story post, so they know how they’re going to tell their story! I know & they know why they paired with me in Biz, NOW the fun begins on the HOW they share the WHY!  They share about discovering what their struggles, challenges (the vibe, the fit, the model, the values, ect) of their past businesses were.  How this is going to be providing the right answers, positive solutions, turning their network marketing career around…

Play on that excitement and the past challenges! That’s adventure mode! My mind goes into “creativity mode” so much, because I’ve helped so many women launch their businesses successfully, there are people knocking on their doors, sending them private messages, and they get excited! It can be a lot simpler that what a lot of women think in their minds! So help and support them strategize their launch in their own way! Help with post script ideas, video notes, expand their minds to create those deeper connections with their social media audience for faster success, keep the momentum! 


6. When They Do Get Started; It Doesn’t End There.

Book the time for a social media review with them!  I’m making sure that their social media page is set up in a classy, friendly professional way. For them to get excited, create momentum, have that positive ripple going; I’m checking in on their pages almost every day if not every other day.  I encourage them to think outside the norm of social media posts, ideas, thoughts, images, family, life, biz tips, ect. 

A lot of women don’t know anything about attraction marketing, using content and value to stimulate conversations, deeper connections. They don’t know how to pull people to them instead of accidentally pushing them away by giving away too much information or being too salesy or too spammy.  I’m there constantly doing social media (Facebook) page critiques. Ensuring that they’re set up for success, they’re doing the right activities, actions and I’m encouraging them to get creative with their posting. I absolutely love to be able to strategize with them so they’re posting in the best ways, connecting with their friends and family and not turning people off and having them run for the hills! This shows that I care and that our whole team cares! This keeps the momentum going!


6. Being Inspired & Being Plugged In.

We’re all crazy busy people so make sure that your girls know on which day you’re having a team call, company calls. Or which day they can invite friends and family on opportunity call. Not everyone has the opportunity of listening to a live call, so having replay links where people can catch those calls on their free available times, that is REALLY important. So make sure that they keep up their inspiration and excitement by beginning to insert new fresh team challenges, team events, customer give a ways, raffles or a new boot-camp! This way they can feel included in the community, the sisterhood, so it’s not so scary when they realize they’re not the only new ones getting started this week or this month. This allows everyone’s conversations with a lot more happiness & excitement.  That ripple of joyous energy & momentum!


7. Drop “That Rock Again”, Create That Ripple Momentum Effect! 

Short term-memory: Everyone that you reached out last month has probably already forgotten about it. The experts say this is true!  “Start every conversation expecting people to have forgotten everything that you said last week.” I thought this was really interesting!  We think that everyone is going to remember everything what we talked about; but ask yourself what you had for breakfast four days ago, and you won’t be able to remember! We’re going to re-start conversations when it comes to touching on tips and tricks with training, prospecting and follow up.

Never expect that Facebook or other social media platforms are going to show your post to the right people. Teach your team and remind yourself that if you really want a girlfriend to know, send them a private message! “Did you see my post?” and take the URL and paste it directly to messenger so they can read it! Say hello just to say hello, “How are you doing” goes a long way, Send a flower from your garden, a picture from your holiday, Happy Birthdays, Happy Labour Day ect ect .. Don’t forget about YOU; make sure when it comes to that short term memory, that YOU have that DMO, that minimal to-do list so we don’t drop the ball either!


I believe we have a lot of power to keep the momentum, try new, fresh things to set everyone up for success! If it’s in us to give and we have it within us, we are almost obligated to share it!


I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed it! Of course if you did, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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