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Let’s Help Your Ladies Make More Sales!  Shall We?

We often ask ourselves, “How can I build more customers & help my team build more customers?”  Understanding that customers are the life-blood of our businesses, & whether you’re a strong in-team building, an amazing recruiting, & you sponsor women into your biz at the tip of the hat, there’s a lot of women that need that extra support & guidance so they can grow their customer base.


We have to remember that different women have different strengths and skills when they get started within network marketing, but as the years pass & as we grow, evolve as women, we get to figure out where we really fit, where we can REALLY WIN.


That takes trial and error, reflection & a lot of self development, education & conversation with our mentors & leaders to “Help Your Ladies Make More Sales”.

Check out my deeper insights there & the notes below;


& Enjoy the Notes Too!

1. When you are chatting with your ladies and you are helping them make more sales,..

It begins with keeping momentum & had & build upon it! As leaders know that strong month end begins with a really strong front end of the month! When we begin with relationship in mind it makes ALL the difference in the world. If your potential customer doesn’t feel that you’re in it for them, and that you’ve taken that dollar sign off their forehead, it’s really important that we’re in it for the relationship, with a servant heart!


If they feel like you don’t care about them, there’s NO retention. We need to be able to toss that “sale end” of the conversation out the window & start with serving, ask questions, be solution minded, understand their pain, worry or struggle so we ask the deeper questions & know whether we do or don’t have the solution for their problems. Help your ladies serve more (make more sales) by becoming a heartfelt consultant & solution provider!


2. Check in, redirect, support & cheer.

You as a leader are going into your team and asking them, “How can I help you? How can I support you? Where can we do some redirection or reflection? Discover how their “daily blueprint” of activities is going? Do they have a solid power hour daily? How are your sales going?”

All women are pulled to different things that’s why companies have multiple different product scopes, or even different Social Media platforms, we want a little bit of something for everybody! Find out what your girl wants & needs, what “didn’t work in the past” how can you support her & help her grow the skill sets & communication that she needs to attract the right clients.


3. Relaunch.

We do a relaunch within our business at least every quarter! NOW is a perfect time to do one! of Maybe an unboxing, a “results” post, a dual interview, new products, new campaigns, a 30 day run, a story post, a success / win post, etc. We do a relaunch within our business because it has a LOT of power. We make new friends all the time, they may not fully understand what you do, who you serve, how you help!! It is on your & your team’s to do list. Right?

Think about how you want to do it because relaunches are extremely powerful. There are so many different ways to do one!


4. If most of your products are more costly, kind of expensive (say over several hundred dollars), offer a small giveaway with purchase.

A little freebie gift of appreciation. It’s very simple to do! Or offer free shipping & handling! Find fun inclusive ways to “incentivize” & make more sales!


5. We should have Facebook groups and VIP Chats where we can plug in our customers and potential customers so they can be exposed to what’s going on within all the different products of your company.

They can see other people’s results, other people’s questions and answers that they can read & explore, if they’re too shy to ask. So having the group chats is very empowering and enlightening for shy people. It also allows for you to do giveaway & raffles with that high touch of ladies who desire what you’re marketing!


6. Share your FB Live video.

You might not want to do it everyday but you can definitely do it once a week! And you can always save those old videos and re-share them every so often. So people do business with someone they KNOW and trust and see. Share your Facebook live about a product, or make it a part of the call to action at the end! FB stories are hot hot hot! A great way to use fb polls & questions!


7. If you’re shy about doing Facebook lives you can do an interview.

Within your team you have side sisters, so do a live video in an interview with them! Do an interview with a leader who had amazing results, or maybe do a product demo, so the focus won’t be on you. Don’t expect to be a rockstar right out of the gate, forgive yourself if you make mistakes & hick-ups! Embrace the struggle. Women love an underdog, we can swiftly forgive & help people up, if you stumble in your Facebook live we are the first ones to cheer each other on!


8. We want to be attentive to a couple of phycological keywords.

When you say the word “most” it takes off the barrier within women’s minds. “Most of my clients have fallen in love with this”… we want to feel included, part of that, so the word “most” will pull people in! It reduces the resistance within women’s mind. Find something that you can use to communicate with women that’s going to lower their resistance so they can openly hear you, especially when you’re in it for the long term. When your customers feel that they’re not just a sale, you’re in a long term distance relationship with them! You are their customer concierge!


9. There’s always that time, that tipping point when some women might be awesome at your business & you would adore to work with, team with.

So if you have a Facebook group or a chat then you can simply invite them & say something to them ‘Hey, I just want to give you a big high five! Congratulations for earning some free products this month!” something non salesly & non pressure.

It raises their curiosity, Reaching out to them & letting them know .. “Hey, You are earning some fabulous free shopping credits.. are you like most of my friends who want to earn free shopping credits AND some cash?” … Let’s have a conversation!

These tips are proven to “Help Your Ladies Make More Sales”, all real, doable and achievable so you can get to the Sunny Side of Life faster! The business building activity is not hard to do, we just need to do it! Reflect upon the results, tweak, do it again & teach your winning ways forward to your team!


Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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