Are YOU In Survival Mode? OR Building a Blooming Biz ? I have to ask, how are you feeling being the middle of 2019?  How’s it going?

Are you actually feeling like you’re wanting to bang your head against the keyboard? You want something but you feel like you’re in survival mode? Just gettin by? Just barely keeping your chin above water? Frustrated, disillusioned perhaps feeling a wee bit lost?

Within life, business, relationships, or your job (and so much more) … It’s OK to recognize, to know when “we’re feeling that way”. If you’re feeling in survival mode, it’s ok to feel this way … I want you to know deep in your heart, you are not broken, this is sometimes a “normal” part in life, that there’s nothing wrong with you for you feeling what you feel.

The main point we should desire to recognize is that self discovery of WHY. Why might we be feeling this way?

Nothing positive comes from this negative mindset, this unhappy, unproductive place, but we should be able to put a label on it so can then build a plan of action!

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Signs of survival mode:

You’re not feeling motivated, engaged, enlightened or inspired. Joy has left the building. Roll off effects of having lack of meaningful conversations, sales, dismal lack of sign ups, not making your goals nor keeping to your plan. You’re spending money and not getting enough income to balance your costs.

Business quotas are not being met, you make fb posts and getting crickets … Not having messages being replied! You’re not having any amount of productive personal sustainable development. Weariness, tiredness feeling Meh & Blah … You’re doing the same routine activities that maybe once gave you some actions but without any fresh results. You’re doing the same old same old and you’re seeing no activity, spinning your wheels, in a rut!

You’re conversations are feeling uninspired and you feel you’re in a downward negative spiral!

Recognize this is a time and chance to do self-reflection and move FORWARD!

Signs of a blooming, thriving woman:

You’re having increased, steady, stimulating conversations that are exciting, making you feel emotionally Good!

Along with financial benefits, you’re helping women and making them feel better about themselves and their family or their financial situation.

You’re serving women. Ultimately a BIG part of our hearts is helping other women and seeing them be happy and successful!

Sales and sign ups have increased, your business is consistently growing. You’re in a growth mode. Your Facebook page is full of activity, full of E words: Enlightening, Encouraging, Empowering, Educating and adding a bit of laughter!

This increases social engagement, visibility, credibility, influence and results!

People are sending YOU friend requests! What you’re doing in your daily routine is effective & effecient! You know “What to do and When to do it”! You’re adding your spin on value, contributing & getting results!

Also your personal goals… You prove to yourself that you can keep to your plan, meet your goals and your quotas. Not just within your business! You have your own support system that women need to be able to grow our businesses! You have that abundance of sisterhood, community or tribe! Women are there for you, and you have the right circle of training. You Know what to do within your business!

Questions you can ask yourself to get that balance you seek:

WHY? What is going on within my world impacting why I am feeling this way? Because lingering to long in “survival mode” stinks on so many levels affecting so many aspects of our life.

So ask yourself: Why am I feeling stale, blasé? You’re just scrolling Facebook endlessly? You don’t feel like doing what you know you should be doing or show up for your team. You don’t feel like building a business, conversations or anything.

Why are you feeling unmotivated?

Are you tired? Bored? Distracted? Unfocused? Under-Stimulated? Has anyone challenged you lately? Can you address it? What do you need out of THAT to make you feel motivated?

Be honest with yourself! Dig into that!

Why am I not earning? Is it direction? Do I have the right blueprint, activity dmo or game plan for myself?

Do I have the right support? Do people even care what I’m doing in my business?!

Maybe you’re not earning because you are in learning mode! We can only be in learning mode so long… Then we have to drop the L so we can EARN. There’s Learning and then there’s Doing! Are you doing effective things with your precious time on Facebook? (When we DO activities, we then have something to reflect upon, track and tweak to do “better”.)

Is your upline & team training you to do the right things to build a blooming biz?

Can you address that? What are YOU going to do about it?

What has changed in my life that I have no control over? Maybe the product competition has changed, maybe the event fees and table rental fees have increased and you have no control over that! Is that a make or break decision for you? Maybe your babysitter doesn’t want to watch the kids any more.

Sometimes we get so busy in life we can kind get lost within ourselves, what we really want & how to “get back in touch with ourselves.. So if that makes some sense, I would deff catch this blog post I did a bit ago.. It was super helpful to my team when I shared this with them, Embracing Our Femininity & High Touch in Business

Ask Yourself, Are you really happy?

Is the business model that you signed up for still working for you? What’s changed, and do you have control over that? There was a period of time when I actually enjoyed parties. Now I want to stay home with my husband. I don’t wanna be traveling for business. When I travel is because I WANT to not because I HAVE to. (and I was super tired of the “no shows”) I didn’t to have to pack up the jeep & go to vendor events & markets, keep buying stock every month & pray I sold it all before the “next season” of product was released. Ask about yourself what’s changed, and do you have control over that?

We often have to implement MORE self developing and self nurturing…

Pour it into ourselves so we can help others! We NEED that self care! We get so busy “taking care of others”, we sometimes put us on “the back burner”.  Make sure you’re helping yourself, getting your sleep, nutrition, quiet time, exercise, self love & self care so we can help other people.

Make sure you’re in the Right Place, in the Right Environment for success within your business model culture, within your training and your sisterhood! Those are the things that we need! (Certainly what I needed & found back in 2017!)

I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed it! Of course if you did, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!


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