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I just have to share a favorite way of mine to Make New Friends!  Remembering that our network is directly in correlation to our net-worth .. Let’s dig into “HOW-To”  Use FB Groups to MAKE New Friends Easy Peasy!!

SPECIAL Tip deeper in the notes that I didn’t share in the video.. DO read and get it!

Pre-Note… Our intent is to build our circle of friendships, connections and deepen relationships on Facebook. Knowing that people do business with people that are our friends, people join people they know, like and trust…

The fastest way to build relationships in groups is “commonalities” .. People that share the same passions, interests, hobbies and past times.

Knowing that people don’t open their phones in the morning with coffee in one hand and a credit card in the other… Haha…  So lets focus on building friendships that over time in a natural way that MIGHT be open to your products or join you in your beloved business 🙂

If you are not making new friends (potentially new leads) we have a dying biz. Our network is our net-worth. So let’s grow!

Catch all the insights to “Using Facebook Groups to Make Friends” aka Grow Your Circle…



WHY Groups are great places to make friends?

1. Masses of People
2. Focused Interests
3. Highly Visible

Begin with making your list of interests. Pick your top 3 that you can converse with passion and fun in “your neck of the woods” (local town, state) and join in the conversations. Seek those that you seem to resonate with, connect, get a good vibe with.

Remember to “Make Friends” with the admin, check out the group rules, look for groups that are highly active and no to low spam. Once you begin to show up a few times a week; are active, contribute, pitch in, converse back and forth with other group members; it is Never Strange, Never Odd to send them a message of hello and a friend request.

NOTE; Never at any time go into pitch mode. Never ever especially at the beginning of any connection / conversation. Be a friend!


Do you love your life like I do?

I’m always open to connecting with uplifted & sunshiney hearted women – those who love life and enjoy helping others succeed! And if you’re not completely in love with your life, that’s even more of a reason to connect so I can help guide you to the Sunny Side of Life.
Text “love” to 236-700-0686 or send me a
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NEXT Step is to join into “Networking Groups” .. The True groups that provide value, creative thought, education and information teachings and exchanges .. Very low to no spam, just Seeking Ways to lift us ALL in this amazing profession and industry .. (Not sure what or where to find those, pm me, I will give a a list of several I visit everyday!)

LAST Tip .. SPECIAL that I didn’t Share in the Video… YES I DO make friends with other Network Marketers How?

1. I attend events, local markets, I offer to take photo’s of them, their friends and/or their booth, chit chat, they say “Thank you”; I say, “Of course, happy to at any time, Hey, send me a friend request” and I pass them my phone. Hello New Friend!

2. I buy other marketers products… In my community groups in my home town and province (similar to your state) for eg; My Aunty used to buy me Avon all the time for my birthdays as a little girl. I engage on a Avon Ladies post in a local sales / home business group. I tell her the story I shared above. She sends me a friend request or I do.  Hello New Friend! (you can use this in any other biz for example)

I hope you found value today, please feel free to drop a comment / share my blog post forward.  If YOU are banging your head, if you’re not getting the results you seek, it’s because something just isn’t clicking. **Or perhaps, if you are feeling stuck, frustrated or unhappy with your current situation, Let’s CHAT; DON’T lose the Dream!

Cheers, Roxanne

See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

P.S. People often ask me; Roxanne I can see you LOVE being a “Cheerleader” in all women’s lives; BUT what is it you really do? To answer that, I use social media platforms to market trendy highly consumable products that YOU shop for every week!  Most women don’t go far without their phones & do A LOT of online shopping so I help empower, support & teach women who “want a bit more in life” do the same. More Sisterhood. More Tribe. More Fun. More income within Social Retail ..

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