Yes YOU Can … Discover YOUR Inner Unicorn!

Every child has the memories of Unicorns, the magic, the rippling tail, perhaps the rainbow mane, the gleaming horn.. So other worldly; truly made of stardust.. I remember as a child running through the forests, looking in hidden glens, along the creeks and meadows for my own elusive unicorn..

What I didn’t know at the time, it was also a connection of self discovery of me connecting with my OWN INNER Unicorn.. So I want to share a few ideas on how to help re-discover Your Inner Unicorn and Embrace it too, Celebrate and let “HER” Out again!

Points to remember; Unicorns are One of a kind and so are you! Unicorns don’t hide, don’t blend, don’t copy, or mimic and they certainly don’t conform; you shouldn’t either. <3

They are One of Kind, Just Like Me, Just Like You!

It begins with letting your Inner Self Shimmer and Shine, in all your beautiful facets and colors! Come out of “hiding”, come out and Play!

Embracing and Celebrating Your Own Inner Unicorn will never have you “second guessing” yourself & what you stand for. It is your vibe that attracts your tribe of fellow unicorns…

Show and Tell the world who you are, what you do, what you stand for and Be Proud about it.. Share all your talents and gifts, don’t hold back..

You are made of stardust, and you have something very unique and special that no one else has within, that Unicorn within, Let Her Start Showing Up More, Let Her Stand Out and Shine Online!

A unicorn does NOT conform! Unicorns don’t compare each other with other unicorns!

When I started with my business I was doing the same things as everybody else hoping for the same results… I was shooting myself in the foot because I wasn’t that person, I didn’t have the same background or experiences as the person I was trying to emulate and mimic! I wasn’t a part of the same social circles and I needed to discover my own path.

It’s important to know that sometimes we have to stand alone, figure some things out then head back and discover your Tribe! Band together to do more!

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Tips to Discover Your Own Inner Unicorn:

1. Letting your inner self shine. Show ALL of your beautiful colors… Come out and play online! Stand out and Shine… Don’t mimic, don’t copy, let your inner weirdness show, let that inner magic of you be expressed online! Show all the facets of the beautiful YOU. Think about how YOU are going to stand out from the rest, so different women can find YOU and connect with YOU online.

Don’t be “normal” and don’t conform!

2. Don’t focus on your weaknesses. Unicorns DO have weaknesses (they don’t fly, they don’t have fins) but they DON’T care. Instead they always celebrate their uniqueness! Find your inner power and decide how you are going to celebrate it and how it is going to serve other women! Don’t beat yourself up about what you aren’t or what you don’t have yet…. Make your natural tendencies and gifts more bright and more sparkly! We ALL are out of this world.

3. Play more. If you think you don’t play enough then it’s probably true! What is going on with your past dreams? Are you still chasing them? Play gets us out of the cubicle, away from the computer, outside of your home… Get out of the regular space that confines you and go play! Discover new things so you can bring out the fresh and new perspectives. Play allows us to think differently, and get fresh ideas. Remember that little girl inside you? Let her out more! What did you do that you used to love? Why aren’t you doing it today?

4. Do a goal check. We as women are growing all the time. By allowing ourselves to play we get some perspective and we can do a goal check… Are we still aligned? We might have to change the plan. Sometimes our goals DO change, if we don’t meet them within our period of time, they might shift. The goals I have now are not the same as they were 5 or 10 years ago. What has changed in your life? Do you have to make some realignments? You can change your goals and change your minds…

Unicorns do What they want When they want to!

5. Show the world who you are. Make a deeper connection with all those other unicorns out there! If you just want to fit in and blend in then HOW can the world find you? How will other women come and recognise the wonderful unicorn that YOU are. Show up how YOU want to be seen! Stop pretending to be somebody else… Celebrate ALL your assets, all of who you are and show up how you want to be seen online! Figure out an actionable step, ask yourself: is this really who I am? What steps am I going to take?

6. Discover your real inner superpower. What makes you so unique and different than anybody else out there… Find a way to celebrate that! What can you talk about for days on end and never get tired of? Are you sharing that with the world? How are you showing up online when you are embracing and celebrating your true inner you, your true inner power?

Find out what’s your true vibe, your true inner feelings, do some self discovery! That’s what’s going to attract YOUR tribe! Showing it is the only way that other women can make connections with YOU and maybe even join your beloved business, sign up to your service or join your team!

Be Wild be Crazy… Show the world the gorgeous unicorn that YOU are!

I hope you found value today, please feel free to drop a comment and share my blog post forward if you have a friend who would appreciate these insights.

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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