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It is a question I get asked me, “Roxanne, what did you implement that Really Helped YOU make the shift to The Sunny Side of Life? So I want to share with you, 6 Tip’s to Start Rolling in Your Biz!

While they may “seem simple” it took a bit of time and consistency to get these solid in my day.  It took some focus and some long chats with myself!  You can start today. I know you will really enjoy these!  Ask yourself some deep questions, do a self check on occasion when you are feeling a bit “off your path” or distracted. 🙂

1.   I started being kinder to myself.

I accepted the real me. I took a deep breath and looked at myself in the mirror;  told myself, “Roxanne I accept You as you are”.  I accepted all the good, crazy, weird and all the things I thought weren’t really great.

The main thing is; You need to forgive all past things that went wrong in your life and your business!

Sometimes we have this little voice on our shoulder and it’s all negative inner self chatter and it causes questions and concerns. Allowing our negative thoughts and ideas to sabotage ourselves is the DEATH of dreams. I had to start realizing starting from Within, I started talking to myself as I would to my daughter, my husband or a loved one. Start today, speak nicer to yourself!

The next part was accepting that I AM a nice girl.  In my childhood I had a belief that nice girls couldn’t win and couldn’t finish first; I had to realize that they DO! We don’t have to be pushy and salesy, we don’t have to chase people and we CAN finish FIRST. I had to get really clear about myself and focus on accepting me for the woman that I am right HERE and right NOW.


2. I focused on my mindset.

You have to accept all your quirk and crazy natures and deal with your own limiting beliefs. Heal yourself. Start thinking about helping yourself so you can help others. As moms and as women we are amazing at helping other people but sometimes we’re not so good at helping “ourselves”. We need to focus on us first!

You need to start investing in your self care, your brain and your health, only that will help you heal YOU. You’re worthy of spending money when it comes to your education and self development so you can help other women!

Start Here to Catch My Deeper Insights 🙂 …


3. I focused on my strengths and improved them.

You know your passions and what you’re good at, so amplify those! Follow YOUR instincts, fit those to serve yourself and your community, family and business! Ask yourself, What am I doing right now that is ineffective in my biz, or my life or my relationship? What did you do yesterday that will bring more sunshine, happiness and productivity TODAY? What will you do TODAY that will make you happier tomorrow?


4. I learned to do by doing.

Be a teacher and a learner! Everything is always changing in this industry, specially within social media. We have to be seeking the lesson within our struggle. Take time to reflect upon what’s going good. How did that follow up go? How did that conversation go? Seek what went well and what will you improve for the next phone call. Always have some reflection so you can do better the next time!

Stick around people that are going in the direction that YOU want to go, especially if they’re good at what you desire to get better at so you can evolve yourself! Do some nurturing when if comes to your struggles. There’s nothing more powerful than momentum. Take some time to grow yourself, remember that learners are earners!

When you absolutely adore someone (or something) it shows.

You can’t help but talk about it - and let me tell you, I adore the tribe & marketing plan in the company I’m running with (High trending products help too!).

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5. I stopped comparing myself to others.

Always put your blinkers on so you can focus on your OWN race.  Start Now!! Stay on your own lane and amplify your OWN personal gain! There is nothing more frustrating and hurtful to yourself when comparing yourself to someone else. Nothing GOOD goes on when you compare yourself to other women. We are all in our Own race.

Why would you compare someone else’s letter Z with your letter G ? You don’t know their story, or how long have they been in their biz. It doesn’t matter what THEY are doing, it matters what YOU are doing! Focus on what you can DO. Add more light and more love, help yourself so you can help other people do the same. Stop with the jealousy and the envy!


6. I stopped being addicted to the outcome.

Stop chasing the sale, and chase the serving/service. Stop chasing the cash, and chase the connection. Stop being addicted to the outcome of every single conversation! We are ALL connected by feelings, think about how are you making other women FEEL. Every day when I woke up I asked myself two questions (and still do) : How can I help this person? Who can I help today? Ask yourself that EVERY day.

Sometimes I am a bridge, a connector, sometimes I am an end destination or a restful pause within their journey.

I am always trying to amplify my goodness and add more sunshine to other people’s lives. Show up a bit bolder, more raw and real and authentic, be Brighter! That’s what helped differentiate myself from the norm, amplifying my attributes! I love being a nice girl doing nice things for other women online and WIN 🙂

Implementing these tips will take YOU a Long Long way Forward to your OWN Sunny Side of Life!

This profession is too beautiful and amazing to not be able to find how YOU fit into this! Every Woman has a place and a purpose and they’ll know where to go if they start implementing these 6 tips!

I hope you found value today, please feel free to drop a comment and share my blog post forward if you have a friend who would appreciate these insights.

Cheers, Roxanne

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