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Why CRAZY is a Good Thing! 5 Tips to Embrace Crazy!

Are you crazy like me? Have you ever been called “crazy”?

I wanna share some ideas why we need to be embracing our crazy. Get excited about it and listen to some tips on HOW and definitely WHY you should be glad you’re CRAZY!

Since a very young age people have been telling me “Hey you’re crazy! “and it was around my teenage years that I started barking back at them “Yeah tell me something that my momma hasn’t already told me!”

I now take crazy as a compliment. It means that I’m taking pride in who I truly am, not trying to change myself to please somebody else. Being AUTHENTIC. I have accepted that it’s ok if everyone doesn’t get me, if I have some haters or trolls out there, if people don’t wanna be my friends… I’m not made to please everybody! I’m just made to connect with the women that I can.

When we truly embrace us, the REAL crazy us (not just a crazy moment of stress) it gets EXCITING, we can just breathe with a lot more freedom!

We gain posture, confidence, self worth.  We are accepting our own unique kind of women! We get to be Braver and Bolder.

That kind of confidence is sexy as HECK.

We need more goodness like that in our world!

When we embrace that craziness confidence rises within us. Crazy strives for much more than “normal”. We don’t want the mundane and we don’t need to fit within ANY expectations. We should never give a dang about what the world thinks about us!

From a human standpoint it’s the crazy people that change the world. People who thought that the sun didn’t move around us, that the world is not flat, that we won’t fall off the edge of the ocean… It’s the crazy people that discover the wonders of the world! Crazy is what drives innovation.

Watch my video and listen to my main tips about embracing crazy!

Crazy shows that you are passionate. Passion is loud and it’s exciting! Your enthusiasm is contagious and it gets people excited! As a small business owner you NEED daily passion.

It should be a part of your every conversation, your approach to other people and how you show yourself.

When you do your videos and your posts, or when you work on your social media use words that show you are CRAZY passionate! That’s what speaks to people’s souls. In order to get people excited about your business, you need to have some energy and you need to transmit it.

Prove that you can be a dreamer. You’re not afraid to get lost in your thoughts. It’s ok to get some quiet time once in a while and get some inner growing, this shows that you can be a creative thinker. As business owners, entrepreneurs, and women it’s OUR JOB to be creative!

We have to be inspired and dreamers in order to inspire each other. If someone says “You can’t do that” or “You’re crazy to think that way” that gets us fired up. YES, we can! Just watch me!

Embrace the crazy that shows that you’re not afraid to stand up for who you REALLY are. If that goes against some people’s “normal” out there, GOOD for you! Feel that kind of confidence to stand up for what you really love, for what truly matters to you.

Don’t be afraid to follow what you believe in and go where you want to go in life!

Show that you’re in tune with your emotions and not scared to let them out. Embrace your own womanly tendencies! When we’re connecting with other women in conversations about a pain or during struggles we can use our emotions to bridge and connect with them.

We get in tune with our feelings and we are able to give a little boost and rise them up again. Show that you can be a very sensitive woman. We have to feel things with intensity and NEVER be ashamed of it!

Be AUTHENTIC. Being crazy means that you can just be YOU. Have a sense of PRIDE! Embracing and moving through your pains and struggles will give you more Courage and more Strength. Embrace the crazy to survive the things that we as women have to! Don’t change to please ANYBODY else.

You’re either connecting with other people, or you’re not. Even when some close friends or family seem like they might not get you or where you are going, that’s OK.

Give CRAZY a positive connotation!

It’s ok to go against the grain. I encourage you to push yourself AGAINST the grain. As an entrepreneur and as a business woman being crazy is an asset! Doing the same old, we will get the same old. We have to challenge the norm, look for the different.

Our eyes and hearts should light up when we see positive things happening within other women’s lives. We should get excited about other women’s successes and joys whether in your business or other businesses.

Take time to reflect and refocus. It is the crazy people like US that get to have success. Break walls! Go through ANY kind of barriers that hold you back!

Embrace the whole woman that you are… the wild and crazy and exciting!

I hope you found value today, please feel free to drop a comment / share my blog post forward.  If YOU are banging your head, if you’re not getting the results you seek, it’s because something just isn’t clicking. **Or perhaps, if you are feeling stuck, frustrated or unhappy with your current situation, Let’s CHAT; DON’T lose the Dream!

Cheers, Roxanne

See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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