Where are YOU on Your Business Rollercoaster Ride?? We all have ” Goals, Targets, Measures, Let’s Hit Them ”

Imagine .. this is the Life Cycle of a New Rep/Marketer/Distributor…

I see this over and over:  They are on FIRE… they are missing in action..
They are on FIRE… then puff gone, you don’t see them, hear from them, their social media is flat lined…
They see a webinar, catch a call .. crazy busy full of activity; of do do do and go go go .. Then their fav tv series comes back on, or “something” that interrupts the positive habits and patterns being built..
It becomes a rollercoaster of up and down..
Then activity level is off the charts, then flatline! Go Go Go … Stop.

You can relate, yes? A friend, a team mate, maybe even you?

Have a tip to share… I can help!!

Knowing we all have goals, we all have targets, we all have measures to gauge our tracking and achievements, so lets dig deeper!

I know this to be true. If you see yourself, if you recognize a pattern.. of the up and down, go and stop.. is create your BASE LINE of minimum business activity and tasks for your week.

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Truth is we know that activity and tasks and the amount (or not) is in direct correlation of receiving: sales, signups (commissions, new teams mates, new people using your services) So create your Baseline, your minimum activity, your MUST DO before bed or before Sunday Night…

Such as: New connections, daily value based content, videos, newsletters, blog posts, new conversations, new phone calls, how many eyes on your links opened, new leads, new sales, new signups. There are SO many “ways to count” so many ways to “measure” … pick a few and make your baseline and DO IT !!

Things We Can Measure:

  • Clients per day/week/month
  • Leads per day/week/month
  • New Conversation’s per day
  • Follow up Conversation’s per day
  • How many Fresh Connections (new friends)
  • How many Followers to your page per day
  • How many Live Videos on your page per week (personal and biz page)
  • How many emails per week sent (newsletters)
  • How many clicks (opening rate)
  • How many Likes, Shares and Comments
  • How many posts per day on personal and biz page
  • How many Blog Posts per week?
  • How many times per week did you get “eyes” on your link for your business op, your service or products that were open and wanted it. (no spamming)
    (I am sure their are more that I may have missed!!)

Next step is

NOW -Make your Targets;  Make your Goals — and then make the commitment of making your targets before you close your eyes at days end.

The Winning Tip is … Every so often Raise the Bar of Your Minimum activity level!!

When it “gets easy” up “that activity”!!

That’s it. It truly is That Simple. It is fully within our control.

Do this and watch your business grow and amplify weekly!!

The experts, the 6, 7, 8 figure earners are not crazy, they are all not Lucky…

They just picked activity’s and #’s, made a baseline of them, did them, then added to it when it became easy peasy.

and You Can Too!!

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Cheers, Roxanne

See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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