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Work with me, Roxanne Lynch

Bringing Entrepreneurial Ladies to The Sunny Side of Life

Digital Gypsy, Your Business Cheerleader & Network Marketing Coach

Goal Setting

Tips, tricks and strategies to  meet your business and life goals.


Sharing systems, methods and skills that make building your own business easier.

Hope & Empowerment

Teaching, helping and supporting other ladies in their chosen business.

Business Opportunity

Start your own online internet business and develop your own team.
I’m so excited you have found my website!

Are we a good fit to work together to get to the sunny side of life? Let’s find out!

If you are looking to either start a new online business or get help with an existing one.

I can help you.

I have helped many new and established Network Marketers to grow their businesses. I came into this industry back in 2006, partnering with a family member, but I felt it wasn’t for me, so I left, only to be drawn back in, in a heartfelt way, something I could believe in and feel passionate about in 2013.

The beginning of me being in the home business industry was part-time as I had a full-time job;  then I really got cracking and in the fall of 2015 with the decision to work full-time from home with this blooming business!

Like so many of my friends in the beginning of Network Marketing on the internet,  it was extremely tough as I had so many pre learned “bad habits” &  zilch for marketing skills! I  and not understanding how this amazing industry really works. I was introduced to the concept of Attraction Marketing; the systems, methods, & learned the skills, taking daily massive action and tackling techniques quickly re-built my success. More importantly impressed the faith and belief upon me how much I loved teaching, helping, supporting other ladies in their primary beloved businesses. (even if they weren’t part of my business within Social Retail) I made the decision to pass on the wealth of knowledge, hope and empowerment; becoming an online Cheerleader in woman’s lives in late 2015.  I now help people succeed in their own Network Marketing businesses and make new friends daily around the world! This business is not hard if you are prepared to follow some guidelines and invest some time into following a very simple blueprint that can take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Imagine the freedom and gift of working from home full-time, earning what you need to not only survive but thrive in a life you love!   I can help you move forward and achieve your goals. If you have any questions, message me here, I will get back to you within 24 hours, watch this Video Just For YOU.

Less is more! Read this post to find out what I’m talking about.

Listen in…

And if you want to know more about my first foray into building a home business, check out this Facebook post…

How Can I Help:


Struggling to get prospects & paying customers?

Maybe you are already a Network Marketer and you are struggling to get prospects.

Maybe you are also struggling to convert the prospects you have into paying customers. This is a common problem, 97% of Network Marketers struggle with this problem. I can help you with Sensible Strategies to get Leads every day, and to convert those leads into a customer. Personal discovery calls and 4 free coaching’s weekly is something I offer!


Are you looking for your own online business?

Perhaps you are looking for an opportunity to have your own online internet business or a pairing for your current love. I can recommend one to you that has done exceedingly well for me, and may be a good fit for you to…

It ticked off ALL the checklists I needed such as:

A fair dual sided compensation plan that paid out on both sides, so a woman can use her natural tendencies, current skill sets and abilities and get paid. Whether strong at sales or recruiting or even better BOTH.. and Training and Strategies to help build you up!
Products that are becoming more and more desirable by the populace, green, clean, natural. I’m a country girl, so non toxic, non chemical for me and my family is super important!
A huge scope of products.. a little something for everyone, not cubby holed into once specific niche.
Embraces, encourages Attraction Marketing, no more cut and copy messages to my friends and family, no more personal fb pages that look like a running infomercial, I can be ALL ME and that is plenty good enough.
A company that helps do the marketing for me, I don’t need to email, or message updates to my team or customers, the company does that for me, whew, one more thing off my to do list!
Finally a home-based biz from home! Yay!! No more mailing samples, no more parties, vendor events, weekend markets, hotel meetings; no more baby sitters, no more racked up credit cards or closets of “stuff” gaining dust trying to sell it.
I get to reward my “runners” (our Go Getters) … I can move my team around and place ladies and reward them for all their efforts!

And sooo much more …

How Do I know If Social Retail is Right For Me?

If you really want to know “HOW” Social Retail is not your Normal Mom and Pop MLM … Check out this Video  Here  and ask me questions by sending me a message on Facebook.  Then… when you’re ready to partner with me and start your entrepreneurial journey then send me a message on Facebook, and  Click this LINK and Get Started!

There are some extra specific reasons why I chose this specific business system and why they are so important to me:

Great leadership
Great leadership who utilize online marketing strategies that are time tested, proven to work and always on the top curve of what is new within social media
Flexible business building
Ways to build my business that fit and flex my natural tendencies and nuances, and also for all different learning styles and personality mixes! (yes, even for introverts!) Where training and education is about the here and now, not years old.
A supportive, caring community sisterhood that gives me the feeling of being in business for myself but not by myself. A community where everyone is celebrated and not tolerated, we truly have that mindset where “no one is left behind.” The cheering, celebrating, collaboration is amazing.

Your happiness is my joy, know that your success matters to me!

See you on The Sunny Side of Life,
Cheers Roxanne
PS. Want to chat more? DO reach out to me, Message Me Here On Facebook!